Where to Buy

There are many places where you can get the book. Links to several are below. 

If you would like to purchase from O'Reilly, use the Buy at O'Reilly button below for a discount to get the paperback for $29.99 or all e-book formats for $21.50. The discount is visible once you've added the book to the cart. (Also note that if you purchase the print paperback, regardless of where you buy it, you can also register the book with O'Reilly to get all e-book formats for only $4.99.) 


Use this button for $29.99 paper or $21.49 ebooks (all formats), after adding to Cart.

Find a Local Independent Bookstore

Purchase through your favorite independent bookstore!

Buy at Amazon

Amazon has the book in paperback and Kindle formats (but not other e-formats).

Buy at Barnes & Noble

B&N has the book in paperback and Nook formats (but not other e-formats).